It’s Not Often I Put My Own Poetry on Here but …

I have been fighting for hours with Canva and general computer stuff to do the background. What do you think? I’ve just heard that Louise Gluck has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. She said: “I think the poem is a communication between a mouth and an ear – not an actual mouth and an […]

4 Books on the Power of Transcendence and Vision in a Divided World

I shall be leaving fiction for a while and returning to non-fiction, specifically philosophy and biography.    Here is a list of four books that I shall be reading and reviewing over the coming weeks.  Wild Silence Raynor Winn (author) Hardback (03 Sep 2020) | English I am beyond excited to be awaiting my copy of […]

This Fight Belongs to Us All. Diary of a Young Naturalist, Dara McAnulty

As we all go quietly crazy during this crisis it is worth remembering that for some the  constant routine, walking the same route day in, day out, knowing exactly what comes next,  is a positive, necessary even, for stability and mental health.  But things are not going to be the same for anyone.  Regardless of […]