Life is Dangerous. Keep Out.

When the weather is hot and sunny as it has been for the last week here in Old Blighty,  it seems certain that it will be hot and sunny forever.   Based on this faulty logic,  I make all sorts of plans for barbq’s which guarantees that the more it snows tiddly pom the more it […]

Artificial Intelligence and a K9 Tsunami

Here’s Suki  – an eight week old Golden Doodle!   She believes firmly in sleeping all day and yowling all night. For her first photoshoot, Suki has adopted a half under the sofa position, so she can still see out or dive for cover. Before getting hit by this K9 Tsunami, I was reading and still […]

If This Is Living The Dream, I’ll Pass

To give up a life in London as the author does,  to go and live on a remote Hebridean Island and run a croft.  How amazing.  Wait, not only to do those things, but to write about them and then get a publishing deal,   that is so much living the dream it’s almost a […]

“The Most Damaging Prison is in our Mind and the Key is in our Pocket”

This week, Monday 8th March 2021,  we celebrated International Women’s Day.  It seems we were unable to get through even one celebratory week without reading of the killing of yet another young woman in London. In the past twelve months in the UK, 180 women have been killed by men.    This post is written […]

If you do not like the way we tell our story then you are an enemy of the state…

Who shall have control over the story? The grand narratives.  Who allows or disallows them? Who decides what punishments shall follow on from perceived breaches? Salman Rushdie’s  posed this question in his autobiographical work Joseph Anton (2012) which I have recently re-read.   It is a question that is more urgent than ever.    For the […]