Life is Dangerous. Keep Out.

When the weather is hot and sunny as it has been for the last week here in Old Blighty,  it seems certain that it will be hot and sunny forever.   Based on this faulty logic,  I make all sorts of plans for barbq’s which guarantees that the more it snows tiddly pom the more it […]

If This Is Living The Dream, I’ll Pass

To give up a life in London as the author does,  to go and live on a remote Hebridean Island and run a croft.  How amazing.  Wait, not only to do those things, but to write about them and then get a publishing deal,   that is so much living the dream it’s almost a […]

#The Wild Silence. A Review of Raynor Winn’s sequel to #The Salt Path

The Wild Silence is the second book by Raynor Winn, author, naturalist, homelessness expert

First of all a big shout out to Son of Rune (the elder) for the amazing transformation of the design of this blog.  Thank you. The Wild Silence is Raynor Winn’s second book which covers the time from her and her husband Moth’s return home (where is home?) to the writing of the book and […]

It’s Not Often I Put My Own Poetry on Here but …

I have been fighting for hours with Canva and general computer stuff to do the background. What do you think? I’ve just heard that Louise Gluck has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. She said: “I think the poem is a communication between a mouth and an ear – not an actual mouth and an […]

This Fight Belongs to Us All. Diary of a Young Naturalist, Dara McAnulty

As we all go quietly crazy during this crisis it is worth remembering that for some the  constant routine, walking the same route day in, day out, knowing exactly what comes next,  is a positive, necessary even, for stability and mental health.  But things are not going to be the same for anyone.  Regardless of […]

5 Books of Solitude and Isolation

There is a difference between choosing solitude and being forced into isolation.   From the writer’s point of view at least.  But I think for the reader too.  I have struggled in the last week or so to turn to the books on my TBR pile.  My mind is searching for solace. Before all the […]

Birds, Behaviourism and a Broken Promise

Review  Eva Meijer. Bird Cottage Pushkin Press.  Translated from the Dutch by Antoinette Fawcett I always enjoy books about women who break the mould which was what attracted me to this one. I particular enjoy books which dwell on the study of nature since those are increasingly invaluable records of what we are losing . […]