Not a Gamechanger But a Sentimental Fantasy; A Review of ‘Klara and the Sun’ by Kazuo Ishiguro

As far back as 1940, Isaac Asimov was wrestling with the moral implications of artificial intelligence.  Now the game has moved on in terms of production but the big philosophical questions remain.   That is one of our major problems in contemporary society, that our ability to produce new technology vastly outstrips our ability to deal […]

Existential Blogging Crisis and Reading for Peace

Everytime I have an existential blogging crisis – on average once a week on a Friday  – I decide I cannot read fast enough nor get my thoughts in order to post every week.  I am thus in awe of bloggers who achieve this.   Sigh!  Onwards and upwards, as the poet didn’t say. I […]

Booker Induced Migraine

  Is that actually a thing? Why does the announcement of this annual prize always fill me with anxiety?   It really isn’t my concern who is longlisted, shortlisted, who wins or who doesn’t.  Yet somehow I always worry about it. In fact I have only read one book on the current longlist – that is […]