Your Majesty, Goodnight and Thank You

On The Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  (21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022)

I never found myself in agreement with former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, until yesterday.  I quote below his beautiful tribute on the death of our Queen:


“This is our country’s saddest day.  In the hearts of everyone of us there is an ache at the passing of our Queen, a deep and personal sense of loss – far more intense perhaps than we expected.

In these first grim moments since the news, I know that millions and millions of people have been pausing whatever they have been doing to think about Queen Elizabeth, about the bright and shining light that has finally gone out.

She seemed so timeless and so wonderful that I am afraid we had come to believe, like children that she would just go on and on.

Wave after wave of grief is rolling across the world from Balmoral – where our thoughts are with all the Royal Family – and breaking far beyond this country and throughout the great Commonwealth of nations that she so cherished and which cherished her in return.”

                                                                        Boris Johnson



For most people alive today, there has never been a moment that the Queen has not been a calm and dignified presence, a stately ship guiding our sanity,  in the midst of what seem to be increasing turmoil and chaos.

Your Majesty from one admirer, goodnight, and thank you.