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A Brief Summertime Roundup for a Brief Summertime

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Yes it’s summer.  In the UK it is only possible to know this for certain by looking at the calendar,  since there seems little other evidence.  I’ve just got back from two weeks on Crete so heatwaves have abounded there at least,  while book reviews have not.

Just to reassure anyone who might be concerned that I’m still here and still reading.

I have read four and a half books from the Earthsea Chronicles by Ursula Le Guin –  for my money the greatest fantasy writer of the 20th century (move over Tolkein).  While sunning myself,  I finished the four novels and half a book of short stories that she wrote later as a sort of prequel/sequel.

I also pledged to read Larry McMurtry’s epic Western novel Lonesome Dove – a cool 800 pages.  I have almost finished this and expect to complete it within the next couple of days.   I completely surprised myself by enjoying this book a lot.  I thought I would never read a Western –  so never say never.

Also the Classic Club Spin Number landed on 5.  For Me that is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  We have to read this by August.

That’s about where I am at the moment.  Have a fantastic Summer everyone.  I’ll be back with discussions of some of my reading on Friday.





7 responses to “A Brief Summertime Roundup for a Brief Summertime”

  1. I try to keep up too. Read Death Comes to the Archbishop (Willa Cather) – not difficult read but because the same characters were sometimes referred to as eg “Bishop ….” and sometimes by their name, I struggled to remember who was who. (ie brain fog). Just finished The Moon & Sixpence (Somerset Maugham) – unlikeable main character and dated writing style but sort of “enjoyed” this one.

  2. Thank you Liz and thank you for the recommendation. You made me read a Western and therefore you have achieved the impossible. Just shows it doesn’t do to have too many preconcieved ideas about things.


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